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Bassie - Never Forget Me Age Quod Agis


Never Forget Me Age Quod Agis

Date of birth: 12th Mei 2009 Color: black Hips: HD-A, Norberg value 40 CEA-CH: N/N CLEAR (Laboklin) DNA test at Embark Vet for 164 heritable diseases and CLEAR on all. Height: 56 cm Weight: 30 kg DNA profile registered (ISAG) Offspring: 3 litters sired, 26 pups; 7 blue boys, 6 black boys, 6 blue bitches, 7 black bitches
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Bassie is an always smiling, happy and very masculin boy! He has a beautiful, soft and inquiring expression, beautiful black pigmentation and a smile to melt the coldest hearts. Bassie loves swimming, cuddling, playing with other dogs and most of all with a ball! He has a perfect temperament; calm, steady and confident, with a great “will-to-please”.       Bassie is also very passionate, intelligent and sensitive as well. When there is something the matter, he's immediatly present to check if everything is okay. Bassie is a sensible, instinctive dog who doesn’t easily get in trouble.  He is very social, honest, sweet and “giving” and he knows exactly how you feel and how he should act on that. A dog that “creeps under your skin”. I have a very strong connection with him and he is truly my soulmate! He loves to guard the house and the garden, but friendly visitors are welcomed with enthusiasm. Bassie loves to work and has already passed several obedience and agility courses with great results! He has a wonderful “drive” and passion in everything he does. In November 2015 he also passed a herding instinct test with flying colours. He’s so talented, the shepherd wanted me to start training with him and so we’re in training now! Bassie is truly a versatile working beardie! He loves to be the center of attention and knows how to bring fun and action to a “dull party”! Bassie has sired a couple of litters and his offspring are healthy, happy, sweet pups with a true and steady beardie temperament and great working ability.