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Droppen - Honeytaste Drop Dead Beautiful


Honeytaste Drop Dead Beautiful

Birtdate: June 27th 2009 Color: blue HD: A Height: 50 cm Weight: 23 kg DNA profile registered Offspring: 15 pups in 2 litters; 6 blue, 9 black (9 boys, 6 girls)
Showresults Bearded Collies with natural beauty & brains
Droppen is beautiful blue bitch we imported from Sweden. She's a lovely little Lady with a happy temperament! She is very fond of people and children, very friendly! She loves to be around you all the time and lay next to you on the sofa. She's a true sweetheart with a super will-to-please! She is very obedient and walks on heel offleash for as long as you want. Droppen has also got an enormous appetite; she eats a lot and loves everything!!! Droppen is very fond of all kind of sports; retrieving balls, catching frisbees....throw it and she'll fetch it! She also loves to go cycling with me, is a very good swimmer and competes with Bassie in a friendly race to retrieve any ball! Droppen is not afraid of anything! Also the noise of thunderstorms, fireworks or whatsoever, will not get her off-balance; she's steady as a rock! She's been shown a couple of times until now (also in Sweden) with excellent results! She also was judged on an inventory of the NBCC and got an excellent judging report! She is a bit small, but with a super construction, excellent movement and a beautiful and soft expression! She really enjoyed her two litters and has been an excellent mommy and grandmom as well to her 15 lovely puppies! She is now enjoying her well-deserved retirement and helps to raise her grandchildren!