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Famke- Beardiefriends Honey Bun


Beardiefriends Honey Bun

Birthdate: Oktober 19th 2017 Color: black HD: A (clear) CEA-CH: N/N VRIJ DNA tested at Embark USA for 164 heritable diseases and Clear on all. DNA Profile ISAG 2006 registered. Height: Weight:
Bearded Collies with natural beauty & brains
Famke is the only black daughter of Suus and Bassie. She is also a very self-confident girl, liking everything and everybody. She’s very lively, sweet and outgoing, with a super stabile temperament. Loves to play with other dogs and especially with her roommate and uncle, Mr Higgins. Famke is cheerful, active girl, who knows what she wants! At puppyclass she did very well, she is clever and eager to learn and very social towards other dogs. Her owners love her to bits and she makes them laugh every day, with her happy and cheerful antics. As she matures, she also loves to cuddle more. We look forward to see her grow up and will no doubt see and hear more from her in the future!
Pedigree Famke COI 11% (on 10 generations)
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