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Floris - Never Forget Me Beau Bijou


Never Forget Me Beau Bijou

Date of birth: 15th May 2010 Color: blue Hips: HD-A, Norberg 38 CEA-CH: N/N CLEAR DNA tested at Embark Vet for 164 heritable diseases and CLEAR on all. Height: 55 cm Weight: 27 kg DNA profile registered (ISAG) Offspring: 9 in one litter; 6 boys, 3 girls in black and blue
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Floris is a very sweet cuddlebear and our very own clown! He loves hugs and kisses and all kind of special attention. He can stay on the grooming table for hours and still not be fed up with it! He is a happy, uncomplicated boy who likes everything and has a really soft, sweet and steady temperament. He is very social with other dogs and animals, absolutely not afraid of noises, fireworks or thunderstorms and happily goes outside to play in the garden whilst thunder and rain is coming down! He is also our crazy jumper; i have never seen a dog jump so high or so far as he does! We always say he has springs in his hindlegs! He's very good at retrieving stuff and above all loves to track and trace and solve difficult dogpuzzels! He is an intelligent, pretty obedient boy who sometimes has his naughty moments; he is our Houdini beardie who opens doors when he decides he wants to go play in the garden and as a youngster he jumped over the fence (which blocked the stairway to our bedroom) when he liked to wake us up with a big lick and snuggle in between us in our bed! We finally have removed the fence completely to let him sleep happily next to our bed or where-ever he pleases! Floris has passed a few obedience courses with excellent results and has also passed several courses in tracking; his nose is just amazing! He loves to work with me, but has a way of surprising me sometimes with his own version of an exercise! He also did pretty well and had fun during a herding instinct test, where he cirkeled the sheep, but then got distracted by some very nice scents in the field! ;-) Floris has got some nice results at shows and a CAC in youthclasse.
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