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Lieke - Never Forget Me Cute Christine


Never Forget Me Cute Christine

Date of birth: June 7th, 2012 Color: Black/white HD: A, Norberg 38 CEA-CH: N/N CLEAR DNA tested at Embark Vet for 164 heritable diseases and CLEAR on all. DNA profile registered Height: 50 cm Weight: 20 kg Offspring: 9: 6 boys, 3 girls in black and blue
showresults Bearded Collies with natural beauty & brains
Lieke is a puppygirl from our first litter, out of our lovely girl Droppen and our beloved Bassie! Her name means 2 things: 1) Angelic and 2) Carefree! Her pedigreename Christine (named after me, Kirsten) means: the chosen one (which she is)! Lieke is a very sweet girl, she loves to hug and kiss and lies on your lap completely relaxed, often even falling asleep! It's the same when being groomed; she is completely calm and relaxed about it and really seems to enjoy the special attention! She is very playful, loves to jump, run and play with her family and friends! And she is very watchful, like her daddy! She knows what she wants and how to get it! But above all, she definatly has the cute-factor! Of course she inherited her parents’ love for water, balls and getting wet & dirty! She has completed several courses in doggyschool and excelled every time! She especially loves tracking and retrieving dummies. Lieke has a great workdrive and a super will-to-please! She likes to be in control always and helps to raise puppies and other housemates. Outside the house she protects her family from pushy or aggressive dogs. Lieke is a bit wary of strangers and needs a little time to get aquainted, but when she knows and likes you, she is very loving! Also she’s a beautiful girl; very feminine, with the same beautiful, expressive eyes and dark pigment like her daddy Bassie, a lovely and easy-to-groom coat and a stunning movement! She’s also “petit” like her mom, a girlie-girl. In april 2015 she became a mom for the first time and she proved to be an excellent mom with a very strong mother-instinct. She raised her pups beautifully! We are so happy with our little girl!
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