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Ninah - Beardiefriends Taste Of Honey


Beardiefriends Taste Of Honey

Birth date: 19th Oktober 2017 Color: blue-white HD: A (clear) CEA-CH: N/N CLEAR DNA tested at Embark: Clear on 172 genetic disorders/diseases DNA Profile registered Height: Weight:
Bearded Collies with natural beauty & brains
Ninah is a blue daughter from Suus and Bassie. She is a self-confident girl, who likes everybody. Very curious, lively, sweet and outgoing, with a super stabile character, yet sensitive as well. She is very attentive towards others and has excellent social skills. She wrappes literally EVERYbody around her charming little paws and even the grumpiest of dogs can’t help but fall in love with her! Ninah is active, cheerful and sassy. She knows what she wants and what she doesn’t want and communicates this very well. She has inherited her happy wagging tail from her mum and the same love for food as well! She is also a very sweet girl, who loves to come up for cuddles, but is never pushy. In doggyschool she is very good; she loves it, is eager and quick to learn! She’s very versatile; she was performing very well in obedience class, loves Nadac Hoopers and is currently also in training to herd ducks! She’s a clever girl and also likes to solve dog puzzles. Ninah loves food just as much as her mom Suus and grandmom Droppen. She’s also a real tomboy, who jumps on and off everything, without hesitating! She also is very fond of the swing and loves to go faster and higher! She’s one crazy, funny young girl and we look forward to see her grow up!
Pedigree NInah COI 11% (on 10 generations)
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