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Puppy info...     Our puppies grow up in our livingroom and in our garden. Our other dogs (and cat) also live with us in our house and not in kennels. The puppies will be well socialized and raised according to a thorough, early socialization program (the Puppy Culture program), and will be weaned on a good quality raw meat. They will be dewormed when necessary (we have fecal tests done by a vet), vaccinated once, titer tested and microchipped. Each puppy will have an official DNA-profile certificate. They also get a puppy temperament test at 7 weeks of age. Our puppies are sold with an FCI pedigree, international passport, ownership registration and DNA-profile certificate and a contract of sale. Puppies moving abroad will receive an export pedigree and additional rabiës vaccination at a minimum of 12 weeks and cannot leave to their new home before 3 weeks after their rabiës shot, as is required by EU law. We only breed with happy, healthy and sound beardies, free of hipdysplasia or other known heritable diseases. We also only breed with dogs with an excellent temperament and working ability, who are capable of performing well in herding, agility, obedience or other activities. A beardie with a true working character shows the ability to learn, is willing to cooperate, takes initiative, adapts to different situations, forgets frustrations and is still happy to learn new things, eager to follow the sometimes long training to become a really good working dog. And of course he’s a loving familydog and true companion! By importing dogs and using foreign studs, we hope to preserve as much genetic diversity as possible in our breed. To avoid an inbreeding depression, we aim to keep the average consanguinity in the Dutch population low. If you’re interested in knowing more about our beardies or puppies, or you would just like to chat about beardies, please don’t hestitate to contact us!
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