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Smokey - Beardiefriends Smokey Quartz


Beardiefriends Smokey Quartz

Birth date: 3 april 2015 Colour: black-white HD: A ED: Free CEA-CH: N/N Clear DNA profile registered (ISAG) DNA tested at Embark: Clear on 164 genetic disorders/diseases Height: 55 cm Weight: 27,5 kg Showresults: click here Offspring: 1 litter, 8 pups (6-2), in black
Bearded Collies with natural beauty & brains
Smokey is a big sweetheart; sensitive, gentle, soft, but also very happy and social! Confidently he meets and greets everybody and he loves to give kisses. A curious boy, friendly, relaxed, super intelligent, easy and extremely steady! He has no fear of loud noises, thunder or fireworks, he is bombproof as we say! In doggyschool he does great, he is extremely versatile and very focused. He learns superfast and he likes everything! Before he was 9 months old he had completed 2 different puppyclasses, an advanced obedience class, another mixed training with obedience / dummytraining / tracking / agility basics and an advanced tracking course. The instructors were amazed by his workdrive and focus! He has passed a herding test with great results and was called “a natural”, so he has  also particpated in herding training, doing an awesome job as well! Click here for some video fragments of him herding: Unfortunatly the trainer quit giving lessons, due to personal circumstances, but we have been in Agility training ever since, which he loves as well! In his spare time he loves to solve difficult dogpuzzles and he loves to play fetch ball (or anything else for that matter!) or ‘herd’ and chase Suus. Suus is his best friend and the love of his life, they are two peas in a pot! :-) Smokey is also gorgeous; lovely conformation, stunning movement and very dark pigment. Even the inside of his cheeks, the roof of his mouth and his gums are black (hence the name ‘Smokey’), but most special we think are his superdark eyes and his wonderful expression! In his first show in youthclass he took home 1Ex. / BOS with a super critique!  
5 weeks old...

    At 7 weeks old

At 16 months old